Transforming accessibility

Inklecomms’ training  provides you with practical and evidence based skills. Our one day workshops are developed and delivered by an experienced Easy Read trainer, and a Speech and Language Therapist.

All courses are suitable for traditional and digital media, and can be tailored to your needs.

Accessible information

Practical steps to produce ‘in-house’ accessible information:

  • Identify your customers’ language and literacy needs
  • Make standard information easier to understand
  • Update and improve Easy Read and Plain English

Valid user testing

  • Support people with learning, language and cognitive disabilities in co-creation and testing
  • Identify and control variables that affect test validity, for transparency and effectiveness

More training

We also provide training in:

  • Using illustrations effectively
  • Easier language for video and audio
  • Accessible communication strategy

If you’d like to talk about your training needs, please contact us.